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18 July
acdc, adam, anti-censorship, avon nail polish, back in, ballet flats, battle of the bands, being a tard, being inspired, berry burst cheerios, blue monday, booths at jungle jim's, boulevard of broken dreams, boxes, brave new girl, brown eyes, buddy holly, canadian bands, ccr, cereal, channel 11, collective soul, cosmopolitan, december 24th, default, drives, elo, english, eurotrip, excel mints, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, flip flops, flipperoni celleryonis, flowers in the attic, food, footwear, franz ferdinand, french, get-it-on-bang-a-gong, getting winked at, giddiness, gingerbread, glysomed, green day, greg murphy, grey & callie, hanging with the guys, hey miss hilton, history, hootie, i just wanna live, i'm-away-laughing-on-fast-camel, individuality, insiders, instant oatmeal, jack white, jammers, jay and silent bob, jay leno, journalism, joy ride, judge judy, k-rock, kurt cobain, locker #241, long hair, magazines, marilyn manson, marilyn monroe, mazda 3, meg white, michael moore, mom & dad, mr. butler, mr. chapman, mr. pinsent, ms. cross, msn messenger, msn spaces, much more music, my agenda, my bedroom, my corkboard, my first time, my happiness, my pi day t-shirt, new book smell, nicknames, nirvana, no doubt, no homework, paper journals, paul brothers, paul walker, photos, pieces, plans, pontiac g6, post-its, pro-choice, psychology, purple, reading, routines, say it ain't so, scattergories, sears catalogues, seinfeld, sheryl crow, shooting the shit, shopaholic (rebecca bloomwood), shopping, skate shoes, skim milk, sloan, sophie kinsella, speak, starburst lip smackers, steve zahn, strawberries, summertime, sup dawg, surprises, surveys, tea, techno-on-crazy-summer-nights, that 70s show, the 80s, the beatles, the bus, the g-rents, the guess who, the mall, the offspring, the rolling stones, the shining, the skulls, the tragically hip, the white stripes, tim horton's, tom petty, tropicana orange juice, twister, two & ½ men, valentine's day, vanity, walks, white chicks, white oleander, writing